.......inspired by wild and quiet places.

About the Artist

........inspired by wild and quiet places.
Wild places and the rhythm of the seasons are important to me. As I child I was very connected to wild and woodland areas and I have always been inspired by the unexpected colours and textures of the seasons, the patterns of the Landscape.

My first experience of living in an urban area was as a student in Leeds which I found exciting and challenging. However I loved opportunities to be out on the moors or mountains by spending many student weekends climbing in Derbyshire, The Lake District, and Scotland, feeding that inherent need and taking home a little bit of the day in sketch books. I still remain very emotionally involved with these places, along with other atmospheric hills and mountains that I have experienced over the years, in all weathers, with ever changing light.

Capturing an essence of this in my work as an artist merges memories and experience and reflects a feeling of never being satisfied - a desire to go back for more.

‘Feeding the rat’ is an expression climbing legend Mo Anthoine used when referring to his obsession with climbing mountains - he described the desire to climb as a rat constantly gnawing inside him that he was compelled to feed. A compulsion to get out there and push yourself a bit further each time is something that I can relate to.

I am now on a continuing journey discovering a complex connectedness with wild and quiet places, the transient, ephemeral, healing power of green places, and how this influences my paintings. My work is intense and concentrated, recognising and reconciling the scale of space and 2D representation.